Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Self-Destructive Democracy in Action

Unlike most other blogs I see, my blog is, shall we say, pithy and concise.

I take it for granted that all I need to do is make a short introduction, point you in the right direction, show you the 'evidence' and more or less, ask you to draw the conclusion that is the obvious one.

Of course, if you need any more info, you can always comment or write to me.

I hope you don't mind this way of blogging. I assume you have the sense to realize what I realize from most of my postings, that logic and reasonableness are not quite that self-evident amdist the issues I deal with.

I presented you the document in question below earlier and here's a follow-up story:-

Noted Arab citizens call on Israel to shed Jewish identity

A group of prominent Israeli Arabs has called on Israel to stop defining itself as a Jewish state and become a "consensual democracy for both Arabs and Jews," prompting consternation and debate across the country.

Their contention is part of "The Future Vision of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel"...

The authors propose a form of government, "consensual democracy," akin to the Belgian model for Flemish- and French-speakers, involving proportional representation and power-sharing in a central government and autonomy for the Arab community in areas like education, culture and religious affairs.

...Many of the Future Vision participants are affiliated with elite Israeli academic institutions. For example, Asad Ghanem, one of the document's principal authors, is head of the Government and Political Theory Department at Haifa University's School of Political Science.

As such, both Jewish conservatives and liberals have been taken aback by some propositions in the document. Many are angered by its description of Israel as the outcome of a "settlement process initiated by the Zionist Jewish elite" in the West and realized by "colonial countries" in the wake of the Holocaust.


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