Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why the Difference?

Haaretz lets us know that:-

At least ten people - Israelis and Palestinians - sustained light injuries Thursday afternoon in a clash with Israel Defense Forces troops at a separation fence construction site, between the Palestinian village of Beit Sira and the town of Maccabim, within the Green Line.

Dozens of "Anarchists Against the Fence" activists and some 200 village residents clashed with the troops, who were securing the bulldozers paving the route of the fence.

The forces fired rubber coated bullets and sprayed tear gas at the protesters. The protest delayed construction work at the site by several hours.

Now, if using rubber coated bullets they only managed to "lightly" injure these anarchists, how come they managed to severely injure dozens (over 50, at least, needed hospital treatment) at Amona without using such potentially lethal methods?

Or were they so heated up at Amona (why????) and so "motivated" (by their officers and the officers by the politicians in government) that their clubs became almost lethal weapons at such close range?

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