Friday, February 24, 2006

Media Criticism of NYT & Refusal to Publish Muhammed Caricatures

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Jeff Gannon wrote:-

The "Sensitive" New York Times

Last week, I attended a presentation of the Kalb Report at the National Press Club and heard Byron Calame, Public Editor of the New York Times defend the newspaper’s decision not to publish the cartoons of Muhammad that have stirred up radical Islamists. Calame said that describing the cartoons was sufficient in reporting the story. While some might think that decision shows sensitivity, I see cowardice and hypocrisy....

...The New York Times wouldn’t print a picture like this [the famous God touching man finger-to-finger] unless it was promoting a new gay-themed movie.

Calame also made a weak argument that publishing the Muhammad cartoons might endanger NYT’s reporters in Muslim countries. However, it is a reminder that it isn’t Christians who are cutting people’s heads off.

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