Monday, February 20, 2006

An Unkind Cut

A story on circumcision delayed from Chicago:-

An Illinois judge has halted the circumcision of an 8-year-old boy while his father contests the mother's plan for the operation.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Jordan Kaplan granted a temporary restraining order on the operation Friday, the Chicago Tribune reports, but to preserve the child's privacy the newspaper isn't releasing names.

The 31-year-old mother has said two doctors agreed with the circumcision, saying it will prevent medical problems.

The 49-year-old father fears it will harm his son both emotionally and physically. He called it an "unnecessary amputation."

Circumcisions, usually performed on newborns, aren't common worldwide and have ebbed recently in the United States where about 60 percent of boys now get the procedure compared to 90 percent in 1970.

The American Academy of Pediatrics now takes a neutral stance on the issue, leaving it up to parents.

Critics of circumcision call it a human rights violation and unnecessary, while those in favor say it is healthy for males.

Dear "Father",

Trust me on this one. No harm. Jews have produced brilliant scholars, scientists, sportsmen, sailors, social workers, salesmen, surgeons, scribes, etc., etc. et al. Lead him to the mohel.

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