Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DovBear's Program (?)

A bit back I criticized the DovBear blog and wrote:

But getting back to DovBear, after several months of trying to get a handle on his approach to religion and politics, I think it is more a matter of personality and character rather than cogent analysis of policies and positions. What my late mother called "farbissen". Someone is always just bitter about everything no matter what and enjoys criticizing.

He responded:-

Guilty. But here's a news flash: I am not here to do "analysis" or anything dry and boring like that. I am here to entertain you, to make you think, and to slaughter sacred cows. Get with the program.

Somehow, I don't think he has a program or if so, it may be one of self-destruct.

He's now got entangled, figuratively speaking, with Renegade Reb and I added this there at her comments:-

Does anyone else out there get the impression that while DovBear surely is vain and cocky, a characteristic young Jewish men are conditioned to develop, he also displays elements of the farbissen behavior, that bitter reaction that comes from realizing that he could be better even while being very good but then needs to put others down so that he feels even better, while being bitter? And I hope others than DB will comprehend that.

I hope that, at least, he's enjoying himself, if not in the process of self-destruct.

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