Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Are we being even-handed here?

At the Ha'aretz web site, you can click on an ad and read this message request:-

We are American Jews who care deeply about Israel and who are filled with sorrow by the continuous cycle of violence and death in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We call upon the US government to embrace an initiative that can build on the momentum generated by the Gaza withdrawal, lay the groundwork for a negotiated settlement, safeguard the lives of Israeli settlers, and remove a major obstacle to peace.

We call upon the US government:
To urge the Israeli government to reverse its longstanding policy of offering financial inducements to Israeli settlers in the West Bank and to redirect those funds to settlers who are now willing to return voluntarily to Israel proper;

To provide generous foreign assistance and to solicit contributions from the European Union, other major industrial democracies, and the United Nations for this massive relocation effort.


It is sponsored by Brit Shalom v'Tzedek.

As I am in favor of freedom of expression, no matter how ridiculous, irrational and wrong (but excluding direct and immediate calls to violence), as long as I get a chance to reply, let me posit the question:

were these people in favor of Rabbi Meir Kahane's idea of collecting money to move Arabs out of Israel?

After all, if money is the solution, does it not or rather, should it not work both ways and benefit all?

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