Friday, February 24, 2006

Horrified? Ricidculous!

A group of English students, observing a police operation in Jerusalem, were - are you ready for this? - horrified! Heavens!!!

Here's the story:-

The tour bus passengers, students from England, were horrified to see a group of masked men in civilian garb standing over a group of handcuffed men lying on the sidewalk. Only the word police on the ski masks indicated who they were.

Ah, so the words "police" did appear. As if we haven't seen masked policemen all over Europe.

Well, who were the students?

The students were on a tour organized by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), on their way back from Pisgat Ze'ev and Shuafat.

And who is/are ICAHD?

...our activists gained direct knowledge of the brutalities of the Occupation, we expanded our resistance activities.

Oh, so that's why they were horrified.

P.S. If you click here you can see a "masked activist", another one, here for a masked demonstrator and if you google around, you'll find a few masked policemen in thumbnail pics that I can't link to.

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