Sunday, February 12, 2006

Catalonia Precursor of Amona

The Catalan artist Ramon Casas made this painting (La Carrega) in 1902.

P.S. And this is the background I received:-

The historical background to this event is Catalan fight for Autonomy (not necessarily Independence) in the aftermath of the American-Spanish war. Catalan people fought in both sides (freely, in the Cuban-American side, and constricted under the Spanish flag). The Spanish defeat caused a deep dictatorial reaction, and a destructive literary school which identified systematically Catalan people with Israel. Social issues were very important, too: Catalonia was an industrialized country, with a real middle-class and a huge laborite movement (half socialist, half anarchist).


Carl in Jerusalem said...

For it to be like Amona, the horse would have to be stepping on the person.

Ariel Serra said...

Of course: the next step of the horse is Amona.