Sunday, February 19, 2006

I said this would happen (as did many others)

Dr. Martin Sherman, a friend and colleague, published an article in which he claims, quite cogently, that "One-by-one, the promises of disengagement have proven false".

Excerpt from here:-

Rarely have all the premises of a political undertaking so critical, with such decisive long-range strategic consequences, managed in so short a period of time to appear so outrageous and unconsidered.

Not one of the positive things that were supposed to come about due to disengagement has come to pass. Similarly, not one security issue that the pullout was supposed to solve has been solved.

Before our very eyes, all the prophecies of doom are coming true, and all the rose-colored predictions have been forgotten. This is true with respect to every possible issue: Security, politics, economics, and perhaps most importantly, ethics and morals.

And, by the way, he's a lecturer in political science at Tel Aviv University.

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