Sunday, February 12, 2006

Should Olmert's Family Be An Issue?

Here's a short item:

Family. That's when Olmert's politics began to change. "I think his wife, with her left-wing views, finally straightened him out," said Ora Binur, 60, a Jerusalem music critic, echoing a popular notion. Aliza Olmert, an accomplished artist, took part in many Peace Now demonstrations with one or more of their five children. Olmert joked that no matter what political post he won, at home he was always outvoted.

There are other skeletons there, too, but should this become an issue?

On the other hand, if Bibi's daughter was other than heterosexual (see 17:45-19:45 Round Table: Freud and the Perverts) and one of his sons left Israel and another decided to refuse to serve in the IDF, wouldn't you think that would make headlines?

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