Friday, February 24, 2006

This is a Professor?

Martin van Creveld is a professor of military history at the Hebrew University and a bit full of himself.

He has an op-ed in The Forward in which he argues against coming down too harshly on Hamas. So, what does he suggest?


Under such circumstances, the best way ahead is probably to impose some sanctions, but only moderate ones. Contrary to the desires of some hard-line Israelis, the goals should not be to co-opt Hamas or to bring it down.

First, it is doubtful whether such objectives can be achieved by any sort of pressure, short of systematic starvation that would make Nablus look like the disastrously short-lived Nigerian breakaway republic of Biafra. Second, even if such objectives could be achieved, it is not at all clear that doing so is desirable.

Instead, the aim should be to make it clear to Hamas that Israel and the donor countries are unhappy with them, that they should consider modifying their ways to make some kind of progress possible, and that such behavior on their part could result in some real benefits. No less — but no more

This is an intelligent analysis? Incisive? Academic? Intellectual? Professorial?

Hello? "Some" sanctions? But what sanctions?

We're in suspense - what is Israel to do?

Shout "nu-nun-nu"?

For this VanCreveld received payment?

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