Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Notes from My Lecture

By mischance, while referencing the previous posting on the Temple Mount, etc. I stumbled across this summary of my Limmud 2005 lecture on ascending the Temple Mount.

At the end of the talk thread, I found this, a bit of a compliment I would presume:

I take your point; there's nothing specifically polemical here, I'm just getting creepy vibes from the account. But you were at the talk, and if you feel that the guy wasn't a Zionist nutter then you're very likely to be right.

Well, he is a Zionist nutter. He talked about how within days of first coming to Israel he got thrown off the Temple Mount, and has been thrown off ty- times since. But I got the impression he's an open-minded Zionist nutter, not an Arab-hater or security paranoiac or religious fundamentalist, etc.


Isramom said...

British understatement

YMedad said...

Gosh, that bad?