Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And How Much a Proportion of Jews Have a Second Home in Israel?

This item, somehow (don't ask me how), published in the London Times, caught my eye:-

AMONG the trends identified by the ONS is a sharp rise in the number of second homes abroad purchased by Britons.

In 2000 there were 176,482 holiday homes abroad owned by Britons and by 2004 this had increased to 256,609.

The most popular country for a second home was Spain, where the number rose from 47,650 to 69,284, followed by France where the figure rose from 35,296 to 51,322.

Chris Palmer, chief executive of the estate agent Cluttons Resorts said: “About 5 per cent of the UK adult population now owns an overseas property and this figure is likely to double over the next decade.

I have read several of my fellow/gal Jewish bloggers, in answering those meme quizes that were fashionably popular 2-3 months ago, that many wished to be able to live in Israel such as OrthoMom.

Well, reflecting on the above stats from England, I was wondering whether anyone has researched or tried to ascertain what percentage of American Jews own residences or have other living arrangements (time-sharing, etc.) in Israel.

Unlike England, where they are motivated by bad local weather, cheap air travel and other factors, Jews should be affected by religion, ideology and family relations.

Could be interesting or disappointing or exciting in terms of results.

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St. Monk said...

Great blog!
I'd be willing to bet that the number is quite low, actually. Despite the fact that America has the largest number of Jews in the world. Aliyah is viewed in America, at least by the Jews that I know, as an "all or nothing" sort of thing. However, I'd be interested in seeing those numbers, too.