Tuesday, November 03, 2015

When Things Bounce Back At You

Found in an article by Lara Friedman is the Director of Policy & Government Relations for Americans for Peace Now. Hagit Ofran is the Director of Peace Now’s Settlement Watch (Israel):-

Statistics can help track specific aspects of Israel settlement policy, but like any statistics, when cherry-picked they obscure more than they reveal.

I think that is a classic, coming from those who manage to cherry-pick and even misrepresent, twist and obscure data so well themselves.

Here's some more

...a single statistic is being exploited to obscure [a] track record...The totality of the facts tells the real story...checked only intermittently and temporarily, for tactical political purposes.

See now EOZ.


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NormanF said...


Covered at EoZ.

Between the peaceniks and Israel's chocolate generals, a common meme is a decided aversion to reality.

If you can't deal with it, just make things up.