Monday, November 09, 2015

And Now: Consulate-sponsored Trips

At the US Consulate in Jerusalem Facebook account here, you will learn that last week, the Consulate sponsored a trip for a group of Gaza children to visit the old city of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount.

A happy participant:

Do Jews, residents either of Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria, get sponsored trips to, say, Joseph's Tomb?

Here's from my ongoing memo:

...A rather disturbing pattern of behavior has emerged from the US Consulate-General in Jerusalem over the past years that would point to a need for Congressional review and oversight.
 Except for consular matters (passports, visas and birth registration), all other activities whether social, educational, scientific, cultural or otherwise, are discriminatory in that no Jewish American citizen who lives in the area supervised by the Consulate can benefit from or take part in.  They are intended for Arabs solely.  For example, the Consulate’s Facebook page appears in English and Arabic while Hebrew is not used.
 Jews resident in the area of Judea and Samaria especially face a policy of exclusion which would seem to be unconstitutional and illegal.  In the same geographical area under the jurisdiction of the Consulate, there exist two separate and not equal populations: Jewish and Arab, whether Muslim or Christian...

...New instance in 2015 can be seen here including U.S. Teacher of the Year Builds Strong Bonds with Palestinian Teachers and Students (September 4, 2015); U.S. Consul General Donald Blome Delivers Commencement Address for Al-Quds Bard College Graduates (August 25, 2015); U.S. Consul General Donald Blome Visits Duma in Solidarity with Surviving Members of Dawabsheh Family (August 20, 2015) whereas no visit was paid to a Jewish victim of Arab terror, killed by an Arab who is an American citizen(!);  Arab-American Comedy Festival Shares Values and Smiles with Palestinians (August 13, 2015); Camp Discovery: 700 Palestinian Youth Build New Skills for Future (August 6, 2015).  New programs include an exchange platform between Palestinian entrepreneurs and the Silicon Valley (on September 27, a third group of Palestinian entrepreneurs were sent to the Silicon Valley to network, learn, and sell their products); U.S. Consulate General-sponsored IVLP program on U.S. Elections for journalists; Palestinian Women's Microenterprise Bazaar in support of Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs (November 18-19, 2015); The U.S. Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) local grants program; Consulate-sponsored trip to Jerusalem for Gaza residents; free English language classes at America House Ramallah and a series a “Consulate staff speak Arabic” clips, but not in Hebrew.
 Is what they are doing legal by American law?  Is it in the spirit of the democratic foundations of American democracy?  Can the Consulate adopt exclusionist policies that separate between peoples based on race in the same geographic area?  Can it create the "state of the West Bank"?
 There are almost 400,000 Jewish residents in the communities located in the territory for which the C-G is responsible (and in the newer Jerusalem neighborhoods and within the Old City there live over 210,000 Jews).  There are tens of thousands of potential American citizens who have lost their rights to enjoy the Consulate-sponsored activities and advantages.  

Are there any Congressmen or Senators who will look into this?


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