Friday, November 27, 2015

Hearing "Shev" (Sit, in Hebrew) on American TV

The television is on and we hear "Torah" and then "shev".  And it turns out it is An Unjust Death, the first episode of Breakout Kings season

Damien Fontleroy, an inmate in his 30s, sits in his cell, running his fingers across the pages of a book, reading and mumbling Hebrew to himself. A guard arrives and tosses a package into Damien's cell. Damien tears open the package to find the Torah. The guard tells Damien not to expect any special privileges once he's converted. Now alone, Damien tears open the book's spine to reveal the long, flat, leather strip inside. A small smile crosses his face...

Damien rips the elastic band from his underwear, and cuts a hole in the bottom of a water bottle that has been cut in half. He then burns two plastic spoons into sharp points and runs a string from the elastic band, now fastened to two posts of his bunk and drawn back like a bow.

Later that night, Damien moans in pain drawing a plainly annoyed guard to his cell. Damien tells the guard that he thinks he has food poisoning and convinces him to open the cell door. Before the guard can get inside, Damien ducks and kicks the string, which releases the drawn elastic strap, firing the two sharp-pointed spoons into the guard's throat. As the guard collapses, Damien takes his keys and makes a run for the roof.

...Ray, still reading over Damien's file, is amazed to find out that Damien learned Hebrew after he found out that the K9 unit had been trained in Israel.



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