Sunday, November 15, 2015

April 1936: How Did It Start, Mr. American Consul-General?

According to the US Consulate-General Leland B. Morris, who wrote back to Washington on the first month of what was to be a three-year terror campaign by Arabs against the British Mandatory regime and the Jewish community therein,

described how it started

but did manage to include how Arabs killed Jews before they walked into a 'crowd of irresponsible Arabs'

Isn't that a bit backward?

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Unknown said...

mosaic and solomonic warfare leaves the orchestration of vengeance to g-d.

(this is not related to your question, but is something important I feel regarding punitive tactics).

i believe that steps must be taken, and consequences to hatred must be felt. but the objective must be protection and elimination of the threat, rather than vengeance. this would seem to be a whole lot more logical and macho. and Mishle 25:21-22 describes this, as mysterious as it is to the natural man. but i feel whoever can't get this is missing something important in the tanakh.

Best rgds,
Charles Nankin