Friday, November 06, 2015

And How Densely Built-up Was Jerusalem?

Following the flurry in connection with my Rachel's Tomb post, as if I implied that there were no Arabs, no Arab homes, no Arab fields in this land - but I did write that their narrative is not as truthful as the historical record, and more in line with Mark Twain's descriptions (and also here) which is contested.  

Let's look at Jerusalem to see how densely populous and built-up it was almost 100 years ago.

Before and around 1931, the area around the American Colony:

And looking east out over Government House

And looking back from the south

Old City looks crowded, and especially the Jewish Quarter, partially emptied out in 1936 and then total ethnic cleansing in 1948 but the cemetery east (left) of the Temple Mount looks sparse

Some neighborhoods of "Arab East Jerusalem"

Mount Scopus, Hadassah and the Hebrew University

Ein Karem and looking west

Looking north to El-Jib

Perspective is always welcomed.


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