Tuesday, November 17, 2015

J Street Does the Green Line

Jeremy Ben-Ami's latest campaign letter appeal includes this:

The future and security of Israel as the democratic national home of the Jewish people depend on establishing a border between Israel and a new state of Palestine. There’s no other way to approach drawing the border than with the Green Line -- the only demarcation the world recognizes -- as the starting point.

And there's a web site.

The Green Line demarcation was not quite so recognized.

It was infiltrated constantly.

It was but a cease-fire line, where the armies stopped fighting in early 1949.

The armistice agreements were never fully observed.

The Green Line was dangerous and provides Israel with no strategic depth.

Why should Israel yield on this matter so that J Streeters can feel comfortable living in...America?


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Beer Baron said...

J Street seems to be launching a nationwide campaign about Israel returning to the 1949 Armistice Lines. I don't believe this is by chance. I believe this campaign is being coordinated with the White House--in anticipation of Obama administration abandoning Israel at the UN security council once the Congressional elections have passed.