Thursday, November 05, 2015

Christian to the Defense of Muslim Exclusivism on Temple Mount

In 1981, this letter was published in the New York Times:

and a response/riposte was published shortly thereafter:


is still around, it seems, and is a pastor at Our Lady of Mercy in Richmond, CA.

Of course, the point Isaac makes, that O'Rourke turns 'toleration' on its head, is even more relevant today.  

For those following my blog, I have repeatedly made the point that Muslims are campaigning for the right to pray in and even set aside a portion of the Cordoba Cathedral yet that very same right of activism they deny Jews in Jerusalem, not to mention the sharing of the Temple Mount, is viewed by Muslims, as well as their supporters from other religions and also political liberals/progressives and human rights promoters, as horrific and untolerable.

Since his 1981 letter, things with Islamic "toleration" have gotten worse as the burnings of churches, beheadings of Christians and further barbaric acts increase.

I want to thank Father O'Rourke for reminding us, and actually proving to us, how wrong some people can be and that if only in 1981, the campaign for Jewish rights on and in the Temple Mount had been more powerful and more successful and more understood.


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NormanF said...

The Israeli government's bull-headed defense of the anti-Semitic regime on the Temple Mount flies in the face of liberal values.

What it means by the status quo, is a blatant retrogression to the values of the Middle Ages!

A pity it has no intention of forcing the Arabs to live in the 21st Century.