Tuesday, December 02, 2014


I was at Esh Kodesh today and snapped the following photographs:

That view is looking north towards Qusra whose homes you can make out on the horizon, etc.

But what caught my interest is in this one:

The same land opportunities the Arabs had, the Jews improved on.  See the marked areas that remain uncultivated for hundreds of years or for however long they claim they were there, and right next to them, the cultivated fields that the residents of Esh Kodesh now have producing wines and eating grapes from the planted vineyards.

If that sounds to you a bit old-fashioned Zionism, of "making the desert bloom", you are right for that is the truth and the reality.  The pioneering endeavor continues even to today.

Unfortunately, security issues also have stayed with us since the early 20th century and Arab marauding, brigandage and wanton destruction continues and so the building I have marked is an army tower, set up to prevent residents and international sympathizers from coming over the hill and acting with impunity:


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