Friday, December 26, 2014

They Can't Even Do Kiddush


Two months ago I made a large Friday night dinner with friends and I proposed we perform the kiddush. No one remembered the words, but someone thought of connecting to the spirit of the times and Googled the text. When dessert arrived, one of my friends, a dedicated fighter in the army of liberation of the secular cart, said: “Listen, we need to write a secular kiddush for ourselves. Let’s talk about it one day next week.” Two months passed and the idea of a secular kiddush fell victim to both our busy schedules.

is what can drive me crazy.

How difficult can it be to get a few people together and write ip an alternative text?

They don't know Hebrew?

They do.

But they have an inadequate cultural background - fault of the schools (actually, the Ministry of Education).  

Couldn't they compose an alternative Shakespeare?   Of course, they could.

Bible, siddur, midrash - all that is strange, odd, foreign and totally unacceptable in modern households.

And worse is they can't seem to get together.  The pressures of work or tennis? Or boating?

By the way, this is the lead in to the piece:-
The ‘Israeli Friday’ campaign: No wonder it annoys us secular Jews ||It may be crass and arrogant, but the new media campaign to promote the traditional Sabbath hits non-observant Jews where it hurts.



Anonymous said...

A state that can not get along with its neighbours, is a failed state. A state that constantly has its members killed by the closest neighbouring state and that keeps retaliationg by indiscriminately killing ten of its neighbour state. That state is not at peace.

Humiliate yourself to get peace.

YMedad said...

Dear Anon. - according to your logic and line of thought, to be generous, "Palestine" should not even try to establish itself because ... it keeps killing Jews and can't get along with its neighbors, i.e., Hamas with Egypt and Fatah with Lebanon and PLO with Jordan?

Anonymous said...

Haters will keep hating, you YMedad are a hater and as long as the likes of you rule Israel that state will be at war with the other haters it finds waiting and willing to have a fight.