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The Blue Glove and Ziad Abu Ein (UPDATED)

In this video documenting the incident near Adei-Ad, see the blue glove:

I'll return to it shortly.  But first, here's one version of the event:

The head of the Palestinian Authority committee against the separation wall and settlements died Wednesday after Israeli soldiers assaulted him in a village near Ramallah, committee sources said.  Ziad Abu Ein, 55, died after an Israeli soldier beat him on the chest with his helmet in the village of Turmsayya in the Ramallah district, the director of the committee's information center, Jamil al-Barghouthi, told Ma'an.   Abu Ein also suffered severe tear gas inhalation as Israeli soldiers fired canisters in the area. 


PLO Executive Committee Member and Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erakat condemned in the strongest terms the killing of Minister Ziad Abu Ein by Israeli Occupation Forces.  'The killing of the Minister Abu Ein, is another example of Israel's vicious and arrogant actions committed against the Palestinians'

Abu Ein was killed while marking the International Human Rights day by planting olive trees to symbolize the hope for both peace and justice...Minister Ziad Abu Ein was participating in a nonviolent demonstration on the occasion of the international day for Human Rights when Israeli soldiers quelled the demonstration with teargas canisters, causing him to die instantly.

The activity included planting olive trees around an area that has long been the target of Israeli settler violence and terror. The illegal settlements of Shilo, Eli and Ma'ale Levona surround the village.  Abu Ein was in charge of the Settlements and Annexation Wall portfolio and a prominent member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council.  'The Israel government bares full responsibility for the killing of Minster Abu Ein and the systematic crimes committed against the Palestinian people. This new assassination will have severe consequences,” Erakat added.

I have just watched Roi Sharon on Channel 10 TV.

Abu Ein collapsed some 5 minutes after the incident and after an hour, the hospital announced his death.  He wasn't choked [Sharon was standing next to him at the moment of the tiff] but was pushed and it was over in a few seconds. He even was interviewed for a TV station.  No rifle butts or such were employed. No rocks were thrown. There was a confrontation line, shouting, a few tear gas grenades tossed at the beginning but the incident happened afterwards. Sharon said it was a very low-key demo.

Note that no other demonstrato complained about the gas.

[Health Ministry: "the death was caused by blockage in the coronary artery, and there were signs of light internal bleeding and localized pressure on the neck.  The deceased suffered from heart disease, and there was evidence that plaque buildup were clogging more than 80% of his blood vessels, as well as signs that he had suffered heart attacks in the past."
And now: The death of Ziad Abu Ein was caused by a blockage of the coronary artery (one of the arteries that supplies blood to the heart) due to hemorrhaging underneath a layer of atherosclerotic plaque. The bleeding could have been caused by stress.  Indications of light hemorrhaging and localized pressure were found in his neck.  The deceased suffered from ischemic heart disease; blood vessels in his heart were found to be over 80% blocked by plaque. Old scars indicating that he suffered from previous myocardial infarctions were also found.  
The poor condition of the deceased's heart caused him to be more sensitive to stress.  It is necessary to wait for the medical treatment report before determining more incisive explanations on this matter. Indications of CPR  were found. but still the Pal. line: "...the murder of Head of the Anti-Wall and Settlement Committee Abu Ein, who died after being directly struck in the chest and choked by an Israeli soldier..."]

Now, about that blue glove.  It is on the hand of an IDF medic who is about to treat the man but he is removed, lifted up and carried away.

Think about that.  And now this.

P.S.  The PA is revving things up:

PA and Fatah: Israel killed Ziad Abu Ein "intentionally" and "in cold blood"

Just saw:

Reuters gets it wrong:
a scuffle ensued in which a border policeman pushed Abu Ein and grabbed his neck firmly with one hand. Footage of the incident and pictures taken by Reuters do not show Abu Ein responding with any violence.

and perhaps he was trespassing?

Shortly before his death, Abu Ein spoke to television reporters, sounding hoarse and short of breath.  "This is the terrorism of the occupation, this is a terrorist army, practicing its terrorism on the Palestinian people," he told the official Palestine TV. "We came to plant trees on Palestinian land, and they launch into an attack on us from the first moment. Nobody threw a single stone."

In a 2006 interview:

"The Oslo Accords are not the dream of the Palestinian people. However, there would never have been [violent] resistance in Palestine without Oslo," he said.

"Oslo is the effective and potent greenhouse which embraced the Palestinian resistance. Without Oslo, there would never have been [violent] resistance."

"In all the occupied territories, we could not move a single pistol from place to place. 


What has been placed in his mouth by his comrades?

ES wrote to me:

That classic Pallywood "carry" to the  ambulance, which ended with laying him down in the dirt could have killed him - but, again, look closely at the video linked below- Somebody put something in Abu Eiun's mouth, that might have also made it hard for him to breathe- especially with someone pinching his throat closed- notice that later Abu Ein spits whatever it is out of his mouth

Compare this to the video here  - which also (0:19) shows someone spraying something on his wrist - and almost immediately he seems to pass out -but notice at :40 he is being propped up with his neck compressed forward - also inhibiting his breathing- so that a photographer opposite him can get a better shot.

And if you thought this was an exercise in futility, read this.

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