Sunday, December 21, 2014

Illouz' Illusion

Rabin’s assassination was the deed of a lone individual who was by every standard a highly functional and competent member of a community dubbed the “settlers’ movement.” (Although he did not live in a settlement, he supported them and the desire to scuttle the Israeli-Palestinian Oslo Accords was the motivation for the murder he committed.) 

That was Ha-Ha-Haaretz's Eva Illouz, a Hebrew University sociologist of emotions, popular culture and the history of emotional life, and since 2012, President of the Bezalel National Academy of Arts and Design, rewriting definitions as she railed against what she perceived were "calls for anti-Arab measures or even violence".

In order to deprecate Israel as an unworthy member of human society, she reached out to France, noting

Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, responded to the waves of anti-Semitism that last summer shook France, a country in which Jews count for less than 1 percent of the population: “To attack a Jew because he is a Jew is to attack France. To attack a synagogue and a kosher grocery store is quite simply anti-Semitism and racism.”

The problem with drawing such a parallel is that the Arabs of Israel would have to be equal to the loyalty, commitment and respect displayed by Jews to France. Not only is that non-existent here, and worse, the violence displayed by Arabs to Jews here in Israel and our institutions - state, religious and cultural - is more lethall than that displayed, refrettedbly by Jews towards Arabs, but that the Jews in France suffer violence from Arabs far worse than the situation for arabs here in Israel.

True to her post-modernity, she turns everything about.  For her, life is but an illusion.


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