Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Correctly Quoting Vice-President Biden

I listened to him.

Here's a picture

and one part of his speech, mistranscribed:

Vice President Joe Biden says Hanukkah is about the miracle of courageous warriors overcoming great odds to protect their people's culture and dignity.

He actually said preserve the identity, the culture and the freedom of a people...a miracle of rededicated Temple flame burning for eight nights...

As if he supported the fundamentals of the Jewish nation-state legislation.



Gonner said...

Can you imagine an Israel where 3rd or 12th generation arabs have the same rights to e.g. building permits as 1st or 2nd generation jews? I'm guessing you don't want to.

YMedad said...

??? it already exists.

on the other hand, in the Pal. Authority, (here) you had a death penalty and still have harsh laws to sell land to Jews

Þór said...

So some Israelis are informing on Palestinians in the knowledge that they will be killed. Am I really understandig that correctly? Not a nice job at all! I'm hoping the theories of excistance after life on earth are true.

Fuck you mister Megadeath said...

I did listen to his speach. Was that your only objection? That there was a misinterpretation of one line in his speach? Really? Are you fucking serious? When people are dying? Your neighbours? Again are you fucking serious or are you out of your mind?