Sunday, December 07, 2014

Reuters is Anti-Zionist? Or Who Hates Us More

If it is, it started a while ago:


If you think today's media is bad, try something like this:

“I freely admit that the Jewish race has shown conspicuous political unwisdom since the War. Prominent British Jews have brought great unpopularity upon their community because of clamorous persistence in pressing for maintenance, at the expense of the hard-driven taxpayers, of the Jewish National Home in Palestine, which no Jews above the charity line want at all.

“Those on the inside of public affairs feel furthermore a good deal of resentment against the activities of wealthy Jewish individuals and organizations who try by every means ”financial, social, political and personal” to influence British Government Departments and members of parliament for ends serviceable to Jewish interests.

“Tactlessness always has been one of the outstanding defects of the children of Israel. British Jews do not err in this respect nearly as much as their kinsmen of the Continent. Nevertheless, they would do well to remember that the fact of leadership of the Bolshevist campaign against civilization and religion being almost entirely in the hands of men of their blood has done inevitable and incalculable harm to the reputation of the Hebrew race in every country of its adoption.”

That was by Lord Rothermore, the publisher of the UK Daily Mail and sponsor of what he termed 'universal Fascism'.

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