Sunday, December 07, 2014

Oiled Media Bias at the BBC

Consider this opening line:

The first time I realised how delicious olive oil from the West Bank can be was more than ten years ago when a Palestinian farmer offered me breakfast as I stood watching a broad strip of his land being destroyed.

That was the BBC's Jeremy Bowen.

Jeremy, dear chap, only ten years you've know good olive oil?

And if we're talking time-wise, that territory has been the "West Bank" only since April 1950.  Before that, for 2500 years, it was Judea and Samaria.  Judea like in where Jesus was born.  Judea like in Jews.

And the best olive oil is from Meshek Achiyah at Shiloh.



LondonMale said...

Jeremy Bowen is usually biased against Jewish Israelis in his reports, no surprise here.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Bowen is not playing favorites.
He looks at the facts, identifies injustice and reports it.
I am aware that Israel feels justified in its actions. In the United States, similar sentiment was felt when acquiring land from the natives.
We were right, they were savages.
Did G_d want us to act this way?

Donner said...

The white South Africans also felt the world media was totally unfair to them.

Thor said...

You may get angry and feel righteous but I encourage you to get over it. Some of this wold are looking upon the treatment of the Palestinians and thinking it makes all alright.