Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Really, I Don't Care If She's A Lesbian But She's Stupid

Actor Miriam Margolyes (Margolyes also talked about her sexuality...“...People won’t judge me on being a lesbian, it’s whether I can do the work".) who appeared in Harry Potter

is also
is a Palestinian human rights activist, having been a member of the British-based ENOUGH! coalition that seeks to end the "Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank." She is also a signatory of Jews for Justice for Palestinians.
She has now taken her pro-Palestinianism to a new low, one that has been around in the background under the category "It's All Israel's Fault" a la Lord Montagu and his fear of being returned to the ghetto.
"has criticised Israel for “allowing people” to vent prejudice against Jews...She told the new issue of Radio Times: “I loathe Hamas, but they were democratically elected and Israel’s behaviour is not acceptable. There’s been a troubling backlash.”
The actress said: “I don’t think people like Jews. They never have. English literature, my great love, is full of greasy and treacherous Jews.
I’m lucky they like me, and one always needs a Jewish accountant. Antisemitism is horrible and can’t be defended, but Israel is stupid for allowing people to vent it.”

There is not enough room to counter her Israel criticism but why is she stupid?

Well, ask yourself, if she is concerned about causing anti-Semitism, why say this:-

one always needs a Jewish accountant?

The Jewish accountant image just feeds the anti-Semitic prejudice, no?  Greedy avarice, etc.?  Not to mention strenthening the assumption that Jewish accountants know how to finegle and cut corners and perhaps even steal.


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Anonymous said...

Is that picture a photofit of Ms. Margolyes' face on the body of the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz?