Friday, October 10, 2014

Headline Mix-up

I read this

Construction progressing in Shiloh

and got excited.

Then I got past the headline:

Construction makes headway in the Village of Shiloh with various projects like demolitions, sidewalk installations and asphalt street repair work, according to Norm Etling, village engineer.  Illinois Department of Transportation weighed in on the bidding process, according to emails from Jon Schaller, IDOT local roads field engineer, to Etling.
“The federal participation is 75 percent of the construction costs with the village picking up the balance,” Etling said. “Our portion is being funded out of Motor Fuel portion of the budget.  The contractor gave us a very competitive bid and is doing a great job.”
According to Etling, the bids received from six companies were below the estimated cost of $547,045.99 for phase III of Shiloh Station Road Improvements project, with the lowest from Baxmeyer Construction Inc. at $369,813.08.

But worry not.

We're also constructing here in Shiloh, Binyamin, Land of Israel. 


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