Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How Bad is Ha-Ha-Haaretz, You Ask?

How bad, you ask?

Very bad.

For example, here's a snap of the English edition from October 7 (story text here):

What interested me was the caption:


The Hebrew word in the photograph is an abbreviation as notated by the double apostrophe and it is the abbreviation for "High Court of Justice", Beit HaDin HaGavoah L'Tzedek, pronounced Bagatz - bet, gimmel, tzaddi.

The story is about the Court's decision, after all:

Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said Monday he would not accept the High Court of Justice’s overturning of legislation that allowed asylum seekers who entered Israel illegally to be incarcerated without trial for up to a year.  He also criticized a second component of the court’s overturning of an amendment to the Prevention of Infiltration Law: the closure of the Holot detention facility in the south.

That word, Bagatz, is heard maybe a half-dozen times in Israel over the radio every week and sometimes in conversations.  It appears in all the newspapers. You hear it every week on the television, too.  You really need to be special to make an error like that.

I think it also hilarious that the story's second headline is about a translator denied to an assylum-seeker. If anyone requires a translator, its the English edition of Ha-Ha-Haretz.

But, on second thought, it seems that the editors, reporters and caption-writers are so ideologically perverted in their world-view that it probably never occured to anyone of responsibility to re-read that or perhaps they did and the text so fit into their political outlook that no one could even perceive the mistake, or maybe they think they commit no errors.

That's how bad a newspaper HaAretz is.

And the Ha-Ha is on its readers, but reflects on all who love israel and are ill-served by that broadsheet.

This is dedicated to my friend RA.

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