Friday, October 24, 2014

Haaretz Incurs An Unpleasant Experience

Please read the headline (which was different than its website):

As we all know

verb \in-ˈkər\
to cause yourself to have or experience (something unpleasant or unwanted)

and this

noun \in-ˈkər-zhən\
a sudden invasion or attack : an act of entering a place or area that is controlled by an enemy :  a hostile entrance into a territory :  raid  :  an entering in or into

[note“The buildings were legally and officially acquired from Arabs, who received full and more-than-appropriate payment by an overseas company... that was established by Jewish investors from Israel and around the world,” Luria said in a statement.]

If I wrote that Ha-Ha-Haaretz was making an incursion into the Jewish sovereign space of Jerusalem would I be incurring the wrath of Charlotte Halle, English-edition editor (with a degree in anthropology) of Haaretz?

Is Haaretz making an incursion into professional journalism?

Will Haaretz incur the wrath of those who champion ethical journalism, a fair media, an objective, unbiased press?


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