Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pay Attention to Doorposts

This holiday of Sh'mimi Atzeret we had as guests at our table for lunch members of the Mageni family of Hevron.  The late Haim Mageni was one of Israel's foremost guides especially in the field of the Jewish presence in the areas of Judea and Samaria.  Our first Succot and Pesach as olim were spent with the Magenis in the Government Complex in Hebron in 1970-1971.

One of Haim's tours throught the alleyways of downtown Hebron was marked by pointing out the places where mezuzot used to be placed in the doorposts, signifying homes where Jews formerly lived.

And now I see this article:

Enter and be Welcome: Doorways in the Old City of Bethlehem, PalestineShadi Sami Ghadban, Shireen Fares Sahouri
From: Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies
Volume 2, Number 3, 2014
pp. 165-187 |


The contribution of doorways to our understanding of the history and function of a building and its historical context cannot be overstated. For this study, the doorways of Bethlehem were examined. This city has played an important role in the history of Palestine and has the distinction of being the birthplace of Jesus. The identification and protection of its unique doorways is imperative to preserving its cultural identity and historical authenticity. Consequently, the main objective here was to study the Old City of Bethlehem; document and analyze the condition, form, types, and characteristics of its doorways; and assess their value as historic forms that might be considered within a process of safeguarding and adapted use.


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