Friday, October 24, 2014

I Love the 'Women of the Wall'

Not the women, as in females.

The orgamization.


Well, for years i've claimed wherever they go, I follow.  They to the Wsetern Wall, I to the Temple Mount.

Whatever they gain, I want.

Whatever they gain, I deserve.

And now:

Women of the Wall sneak in Torah and read from it during bat mitzvah at Western Wall 

Quick, bring me a Sefer Torah and we'll ascend.

And all the WOW sympathizers and backers, liberal as they are, will all support my Temple Mount efforts.

Anat, where art thou?

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Find the Beauty said...

As a Women of the Wall supporter, Orthodox, who has davened with the group a few times, absolutely. I think we need a shul on Har Habyit. From my understanding there are areas where we can go without having to toivel first. Put a shul there, take back that area for us. We must and should.