Thursday, October 02, 2014

Going Back to the Four Kids Killed on the Gaza Beachfront

You might remember my July 17th post on those four Gaza kids killed in a shelling incident.

My basic finding was that none of the 4-5 reports actually complemented each other but rather kept raising doubts as to the veracity of the Hamas claims of what happened.

Now we have this:

What kind of people use dead children as props to advance their totalitarian politico-religious agenda? The Palestinians.
I can’t tell you what actually happened, but the boys weren’t playing soccer, the target was legitimate, and the IDF did not deliberately kill children. Yes, the Israelis took responsibility for the deaths; however, the IDF stopped using the M825A1 smoke shell for no reason. The IDF was also unable to determine how Mustafa Tamimi and Bassem Abu Rahmeh died. From the standpoints of PR and forensic investigation, the IDF needs major reform.

And he did find a Pallywood snap:

Note the matter of shadows or lack thereof.

As to what actually caused their deaths ---  he suggests a grenade  ---- I cannot tell or even guess and I am not sure.

But the main point is that you cannot depend on Hamas.

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