Tuesday, April 08, 2014

And The Public Thinks That ...

According to The Peace Index of March 2014 (Published: 08/04/2014; Survey dates: 30/03/2014 - 31/03/2014) the opinions they polled were as follows:

Chances for success of the U.S.-sponsored negotiations – ...92% viewing the chances as very low or moderately low. Such a consensus indicates that the feeling is common to all the political camps. Indeed, a segmentation of the responses by self-affiliation with one or another political camp revealed 95% of the right seeing low chances for success, 88.5% of the center, and 87% of the left. In the Arab public as well, the majority sees scant likelihood of the talks’ success, though at 62% this majority is clearly smaller than in the Jewish public.

The urgency for Israel of reaching an agreement – ...A small majority of the Jewish public (52%) believes it is very urgent or moderately urgent, while 45.5% say reaching an agreement is not at all or not very urgent from Israel’s standpoint...

Yaalon’s criticism of the U.S. administration – ...The responses show a Jewish public evenly divided between those who think his statements could cause such damage (46.5%) and those who do not (49%). The public is much more unequivocal on whether Yaalon was right in saying the United States is showing weakness in its foreign policy; the majority (65%) is sure or thinks he is right. At the same time, a clear majority (72%) believes Yaalon was unwise to voice his criticism publicly...a pragmatic attitude.


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