Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Beinart Claims a "Silence"

At an appearance at Hillel U of Penn.

So, I left this comment at the campus newspaper story:-

"silence"? as in “silence in the American Jewish community regarding Israeli settlements in the West Bank.” ?
Most American Jews, correctly, support the legal, historical and moral right of Jews to live in the area of the Jewish National Home, the territory the League of Nations set aside for the future state of Israel, the territory that underwent campaigns, from 1920 on, of Arab-initiated ethnic-cleansing of Jews from communities they resided in for many centuries, killing hundreds in the process of expelling them from their homes. Judea and Samaria, as well as Gaza, cannot be considered land not permitted to Jews for residency.
If anyone is a "foreigner", it could be the Hashemite family that fled Saudi Arabia and, having threatened France's Syria Mandate, was provided the area of the original Mandate of Palestine east of the Jordan River, Transjordan.

Tell me, who is taking care of our Jewish university students?

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