Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dear Madonna's Brother

Dear Anthony Ciccone, I read this statement of yours here:

And then he announced: “Until my mother passed away, we celebrated Passover every year.”
Passover? “Right. I know it’s strange, but my mom insisted on it,” he said. “She felt comfortable with Judaism, so we learned about the Ten Commandments and all the Jewish customs. Our Passover wasn’t kosher but it impressed me very much. I have no doubt that Madonna was affected by it and that it related to her Kabbalah studies. Both of us have a lot of respect for your country; you fight against endless enemies that want to crush you, and you don’t give up because you’ve got balls and a heart. I hope that one day I can visit the vineyards in Israel. The women, too.”

We've got heart.

We men also have those gonad things.  And even without them, our women fulfill the role of being our towers of strength.

And as for this:

I hope that one day I can visit the vineyards in Israel

on behalf of Shiloh and environs, I extend to you an invite that once you do get here, our vineyards are for visiting.  And I'll personally arrange for some imbibing.


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Anonymous said...

Given that, there's some fair chance that part of the Ciccone family were converts from Judaism.