Friday, April 25, 2014

A Comment I Left at the NYTimes

Let's rewrite this "Let's go back to basics: The Palestinian people live under occupation and siege in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, as second-class citizens in present-day Israel, and as refugees, as a consequence of the Zionist colonization of historic Palestine that began more than a century ago and continues today."  as this:

Let's go back to basics: The Palestinian people actually never truly were a "people" in any sociological, historical or political accepted sense.  In fact, into the 1920s, they insisted they were but Southern Syrians (check the NYTimes report of March 14, 1920 - and they  live under the regime of the Paleastinian Authority for the most part in an agreement they themselves signed and the only siege of the Gaza Strip is that of Egypt as Israel disengaged almost a decade ago and only protects itself from Hamas war crime attacks on civilians in pre-67 Israel.  I could go on but Abu-Nima is frothing already enough.


And it's up.


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Anonymous said...

Great stuff, I left a comment on the NYT recently and within minutes, received some truly nauseating replies. I guess we've got to keep trying but who has time for this? My husband forbids me to rad the NYT any more!