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Low-Intensity Conflict Report #91 April 13-28, 2014

Low-Intensity Conflict Report #91 April 13-28, 2014

These reports are translated and publicized by Yehudit Tayar for Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron with the clearance and confirmation of the IDF.  Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron is a voluntary emergency medical organization with over 500 volunteer doctors, paramedics, medics who are on call 24/7 and work along with the IDF, 669 IAF Airborn Rescue, the security officers and personal throughout Yesha and the Jordan Valley, and with MDA.

We, the volunteers of Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron go out to rescue anyone who needs our emergency medical assistance; including civilians, military and Arabs also those within the PA territories. (with IDF presence) To us a life is precious and we go out at risk leaving home and family or stopping on the road to rescue anyone in need.

This is a partial report of the on-going terror attacks against Israel and IDF and innocent civilians. While the world continues to pressure Israel and boycott products from Yesha the attacks continue daily by those who wish to murder Jews in our Land.  It is imperative to break the silence of these attacks which are both encouraged and condoned by the Palestinian Authority, the UNWRA who teach to hate and murder using the excuse of Israel occupying these areas and willfully ignoring the establishment of the PLO in 1964 before the Six Day War in 1967.

April 13

Jerusalem: At the Temple Mt. when Jewish visitors who were allowed to enter the Temple Mt. began to pray the Police were attacked by Arabs with rocks fire bombs and firecrackers.  The attackers were pushed back by the police-  2 policemen lightly injured.

Rock attacks:

Shomron Region

Between Tapuah and Migdalim

Yitzhar Junction causing damage

50 meters west from Ma'aleh Shomron Junction

100 meters east of Yitzhar Junction causing damage to vehicle

East of Yitzhar

Near Kedumim

Benjamin Region

South of Ophra

North of Kochav HaShachar causing damage

Na'alin Border policeman commander of a unit was injured in his chin by rocks – given medical treatment by IDF ambulatory unit and then taken to Tel Hashomer Hospital, female border policewoman suffers from bruises returned to base.

Near Ma'aleh Levona

Between Givat Asaf and Ophra

Nebe Zalah

Anatot junction causing damage to cars

Rocks and fire bombs west of Abud bypass near Neve Zuf

Highway 446 west of Nili

Gush Etzion Region

Hikers attacked near Betar

Security vehicle of Metzad attacked near security fence damage to the window-  the attackers were caught.

Gush Etzion-Hevron Highway near El Hadar

Near Bet Umar

Near Arab Tekoa

Northern entrance to Efrat IDF and security of Efrat took charge of incident

Near Tekoa causing several light injuries and serious damage to the vehicle

El Arub several bus attacks

Hevron Region

Near Cave of the Patriarchs causing damage to car

North of Kiryat Arbabus attacked at Bet Anun

Turn-off 160

Hevron- near old industrial region visitors attacked

Several attacks at Policemans Square Hevron Border policeman injured from rocks in his hand in one of them in another the attackers was arrested

Northern entrance to Halhul young Arabs with masks attack vehicles with rocks no injured

Slingshot was used in rock attack by 2 terrorists near Policemans Square lightly injuring policeman.  The terrorists were stopped by crowd dispersing of the security forces injuring 7 of the terrorists lightly

Halhul causing damage to bus

Hevron near Jewish Cemetary IDF force attacked – the attacker was apprehended

Youth injured lightly near Pharmacist check-post

Armed terrorist with knife caught near the Cave of the Patriarchs security searching for another suspect who escaped

Har Hevron Region


Yakir junction 

Tapuah Junction terrorist arrest from the village of Bet Fuka carrying a knife on his way to a stabbing terror attack

Between Gilad Farm and Yitzhar

Benjamin Region:

16.4 Hikers reported that when arriving to Han Lueben near the northern entrance to Ma'alhe Levona a Arab waved a knife at them.  Security investigated and arrested the Arab who threatened the hikers.

Hevron:  Mazal tov ! At 15:00 the first families return to Bet HaShalom in Hevron

Gush Etzion Hevron Highway bus attacked with glass bottles of color at Halhul bypass north of Hevron in an attempt to cause an accident. Damage to front window but driver continued to drive.


Shooting attack:

Tarkumia Junction IDF reported shots fired at Idna Junction. From the terror attack Police officer who traveled with his family from Modi'in to Kiryat Arba was murdered, Baruch Mizrachi HY"D his wife was injured seriously.  In the next car a young boy was injured lightly. Opher Ochana from Hatzallah Yehudah and Shomron attempted to save Baruch giving him life support which sadly failed.

Fire Bombs


Student of Ariel University reported that he picked up a hitch-hiker at the exit of Ariel towards Highway 60 and at some point in the trip the hitch hiker attacked the student and stole the car leaving the student near Peduel and the stolen car entered an Arab village. The stolen vehicle was found burned in Amar village in the Benjamin Region.

At Hawara

At bus between Tapuah and Migdalim

Fire bomb and pipe bomb near Itamar

Between Yitzhar and Gilad Farm at bus and another at car

Har Hevron

500 meters west of Adura

IDF force attacked near Neguhot south west of Hevron

Entrance to Eshbol Arabs threw explosive fluid towards entrance- no injured


Policemans square fire bomb several times during these days

IDF force attacked when Jews went to pray at Otniel Ben Kenaz' Grave which is located about 200 meters from Bet Hadassah in a Cave.  Otniel Ben Knaz was the first of the judges of Israel the younger brother of Cleb Ben Knaz.

Gush Etzion

Near Karmei Zur damage to car

Jerusalem –Hevron Highway

El Arub Arabs sprayed pepper gas on Israeli driver- not injured

Husan bypass near El Hadar

Abu Dis north east of Bethlehem improvised fire bomb thrown at Border policemen –no injured

Security fence pipe bomb at Abu Dis the bomb did not explode


Dir Nizam near Neve Zuf


Arabs stole car at the entrance of Habal village.  The car was stolen when it stood at the entrance when the driver left the car and the father remained inside.  The Arabs delivered the father at the entrance of the Border Police Base near Kalkilia.  The stolen vehicle is a white Mazda.

2 at Betit Junction Hawara south of Shechem

IDF post between Shekef and Bet Awa

Near Itamar attempted destruction of infrastructure of community fire bomb thrown on power line

Gaza Attacks:

Near the security fence near Miflassim explosive device exploded that was placed there by terrorists.  No injured.  IDF neutralized and additional 2 explsove devices on the security fence between Israel and Gaza Strip.

Red Color Alert in Netiv ha'asara

Red Color alert Sderot

2 Mortars fired on IDF force on security fence of southern Gaza no injuries

Red Color alert in Zikim and Netiv Ha'asara  fallout inside of Arab Gaza and 1 rocket near security fence

2 alerts of rockets towards Netiv Ha'asara

6 rockets fired at Sderot and the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council and Eshkol.  One fall-out was located near Sderot damaging the road.  The rest fell on open fields near Sha'ar Hanegev and one near Nir Am

IAF responded by attacked terror targets in the southern and central Gaza Strip. The terrorists launched a RPG towards IDf forces on the Security Fence in the south of Gaza.

Hevron near the Cave of the Patriarchs Arab terrorist caught with knife on the way to a terror attack


French Hill bus attacked by rocks the window was bashed and 1 of the passengers injured several others suffered trauma from the attack

Again dozens of Arab youths attempted to break through the checkpost at Sultan Suliman near the Police Station by the Temple Mount. 


Temple Mount 2 policemen injured lightly 16 young Arabs arrested suspected of disturbing the peace

During the night and morning 24 Arabs were arrested for disturbing the peace and the Mt was closed to visitors.


The memorial for Security Officer of the Shomron Gilad Zar HY"D was damaged .  The memorial was cleaned later.


Security Forces arrested in Yesha 4 wanted terrorists: 1 Shechem

1 North-east of Ramallah in Dir Abu Misshal, Jezalone, north of Ramallah -2


IDF Lavi Force arrested 2 wanted terrorists in their twenties who threw fire bombs on the tunnel highway


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