Monday, April 07, 2014

Really Enjoy Pesach, Biblically

From Simcha J:-

The “Tempest Stela”, also known as the “Storm Stela”, was found in pieces between 1947 and 1951 at the 3rd pylon/tower at the temple of Karnak in ancient Thebes, Upper Egypt. It consists of a single text in horizontal lines...they were just re-translated by Ritner and Moeller. What do they describe?
The text speaks of a tremendous storm that involved both upper and lower Egypt. It states that this storm displayed the “wrath” of a “great God”. Notice it speaks of “God” in the singular. It also states that this God was “greater” than the “gods” of Egypt. According to the Storm Stela, the tempest plunged Egypt into total “darkness” for a period of several days. The darkness was unusual because it made it impossible to even light torches: “no torch could be lit in the two lands.” The aftermath of the inundation was such that the temples of the gods were flooded, the roofs had “collapsed” and the holy places “had been made/rendered nonexistent”. The Nile was literally full of human bodies, “floating” like papyrus “skiffs” in the water. According to the Stela, “every house” was affected and the whole “wonder”-provoking event was accompanied by “voices” louder than anything that had been heard earlier in Egypt.
Compare all this to the description in the Biblical book of Exodus, of the plagues of hail and darkness that preceded Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery. 


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