Saturday, October 29, 2011

Your Mistake, Mahmoud, and A Continuing Error

As Haaretz reports:-

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Friday in an interview with Channel 2 that the Arab world erred in rejecting the United Nations' 1947 plan to partition Palestine into a Palestinian and a Jewish state.

..."It was our mistake. It was an Arab mistake as a whole," Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told Channel 2 TV in a rare interview to the Israeli media. "But do they (the Israelis) punish us for this mistake for 64 years?"

Wait, Mahmoud.

It is the Arabs who have been punishing us, Israel and Zionists, for 64 years for being smarter than you to have accepted that decision. 

And you still harbor feelings of animus.

But more importantly, why has it taken you 64 years to admit that mistake?

And most important, why do you continue to refuse any compromise?  You surely know that you cannot receive even from the most vacillating of Israel's politicians all that you want.

And why should you?

You engaged in terror for 64 years.  Before the "occupation".  Before any "settlements".

You initiated the 1967 war by pushing the Arab states.

Doesn't "territorial compromise" mean that you, too, need compromise on territory?

Aren't you continuing to make a mistake?  Live in error?



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