Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Palestine" or Judea? (And "Identity Theft")

The debate * (and the "identity theft" attempts, see below) continues (see here and also here) whether this country, this land is "Palestine", even from ancient days, or the Land of Israel, homeland of the Jews from time immemorial, Judea.

I found this article "A New Typology of the Yehud Stamp Impressions" by Oded Lipschits, Tel-Aviv 34: 12-37, which reviews what are know as YSI, or Yehud Stamp Impressions.

They look like this:

Details of one type:

As Oded writes of the period in which they were made:

In other words, several hundred years before the common era, - the Persian Period was from 539 to 334 BCE - Jews were living throughout this country. Like what the Bible narrative claims. And it was called Yehuda, יהודה, or Judea. And of the many YSIs, Jewish names, names recorded in the Bible, are impressioned onto the seal.

That's history. Jewish history.

It's provable science, archaeology.

The history of the Land of Israel, the Land of the Jews, the יהודים.


There more in this book:

The Yehud Stamp Impressions: A Corpus of Inscribed Impressions from the Persian and Hellenistic Periods in Judah
by Oded Lipschits and David S. Vanderhooft, Eisenbrauns, 2011

The study of the yehud stamp impressions, which appear on the handles or bodies of store jars, has persisted for over a century, beginning with the discovery of the first of these impressions at Gezer in 1904. Nevertheless, until the pioneering work of Stern in 1973, who cataloged, classified, and discussed the stamp impressions known up to 1970, discovery and publication of new stamp impressions were scattered, and analysis was cursory at best. Furthermore, a gap in research has persisted since then.



and sometimes the debate goes crazy, like here:

Destruction of cultural heritage

Since October 2000 great damage has been inflicted on cultural heritage sites in the Palestinian areas (Taha, 2005). These sites have suffered military bombing, with shelling causing partial or even total destruction. Attacks on cultural heritage sites have intensified since the last major incursions in April 2002 and January 2004, causing irreparable damage, especially in the historic towns and cities, including Bethlehem, Hebron, Gaza, Beit Jala, Tulkarem, Salfit, Jenin, Gaza, Rafah, Abud, and Nablus. Sieges, curfews, roadblocks and military closures imposed on the Palestinian cities and villages have prevented the DACH from attending to its tasks in the protection of cultural heritage. Many archaeological sites and historical buildings have been the target of Israeli military attacks, including during the last war on Gaza, when the ancient Gaza port Anthedon, the Ottoman building of Dar es-Sariai and the governor’s house were damaged.

and read this article. And this one to grasp the "identity theft" being promoted.



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