Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Looming Pain

I published Frimet Roth's thoughts on the Schalit deal.

I'll ignore Esther Wachsman's comments although they do indicate why Israel failed itself in this instance.

Here is Sherri Mandell:

Why are so many of us against the exchange that allows murderers and their accomplices to go free? Because we know the suffering that these murderers leave in their wake.

Yes, I want Gilad Schalit released. But not at any price. Not at the price we have experienced.

My son Koby Mandell and his friend Yosef Ish Ran were murdered by terrorists 10 years ago when they were 13 and 14 years old. They had been hiking in the wadi near our home when they were set upon by a Palestinian mob and stoned to death. It was a brutal, vicious murder.

...MOST PEOPLE don’t understand the continuing devastation of grief: fathers who die of heart attacks, mothers who get sick with cancer, children who leave school, families whose only child was murdered. We see depression, suicide, symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. You wouldn’t believe how many victims’ families are still on sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication. We see the pain that doesn’t diminish with time. We literally see people die of grief.

Bereaved families face acute psychological isolation.

...nobody understands the duration or the severity of their pain and longing. In the aftermath of a prisoner exchange, this isolation will only be exacerbated.

So will the feeling that our children’s deaths don’t matter.

When people tell me that my son Koby died for nothing, I always used to say: No, it is our job to make his death mean something.

But now I am not sure. It seems that the government is conspiring to ensure that our loved ones’ deaths were for nothing.

Cheapening our loved ones’ deaths only enhances the pain...

And note, one of the most prominent buzzwords in the media is "hug" as in 'hug Gilad'.

And kudos to Marc Goldberg (who has echoed what my own son told me) who writes if he is captured, don't save him through a "prisonaer exchange".

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Anonymous said...

"When people tell me that my son Koby died for nothing"
He died for a delusion. Like all the dead settlers.
And now the wind is shifting and YESHA will die.