Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is "religious thinking"?

I left this comment at this blog:

Your words "When it comes to the value and dignity of even a single human life, there can be no calculations of utility, no negotiation of practicalities. Whatever the pros and cons, they cannot hold water against the infinite worth of a person and the sacred regard owed to it by us all" are not only insensible and illogical but in their sweeping dissonance and without any discussion, they go against the Halachic dictum: "“One does not ransom captives for more than their value because of Tikkun Olam (literally: “fixing the world”; for the good order of the world; as a precaution for the general good) and one does not help captives escape because of Tikkun Olam.” (Mishna, Gittin 4:6)[1]. One of the aims of this restriction is to avoid encouraging kidnappers, or those seeking financial gain by capturing Jews and demanding a Kofer (a ransom) in exchange, due to the knowledge of how sensitive Jews are to rescuing their prisoners at any price."

While there may be pros and cons in a theological/halachic argument, if you do not contemplate what is the worth of one future dead Jew due to the encouragement of terror, or at ther least, future kidnappings which Hamas has already announced it will pursue, does not serve well a religious-based outlook.

And to further justify your position in writing, "That hundreds of terrorists must be released to save a single person is a moral travesty and a mockery of justice, but it is also a profound moral success, a resounding victory for life, goodness, and our assuredness in the incalculable value of a human person" is unfathomable. If lives are to be lost - and the statistics assure us the many will die soon - what success is there? Would you, from a moral standpoint, suggest those future bereaved families demonstrate outisde Gilad's family home just as they were outside PM Netanyahu's home?



Anonymous said...

Israel and Judaism abandoned Tikkun olam in 1967. Tribalism and worship of the golden calf of YESHA replaced it.

Y. Ben-David said...

What's wrong with tribalism? I am a proud tribalist, just as the Palestinians, the Egyptians and almost everyone else in the world is.

Anonymous said...

You Israelis have no idea what is coming down the line with mass civil disobedience. You can only deal with violence.

Daniel said...

I wonder how many lives Shalit is worth. I think about " Saving Private Ryan" and I realize he is no Rabbi Meir of Rothenberg.

YMedad said...

Dear Anon 10:55 -

and the Arabs can only deal in violence. you have no idea what waiting for any Muslim who dares stray from the path in a "Pal." state. forget us - wathc out for yourself, your women, your children.

we'll try to take care of ourselves.

and "civil" disobedience? oh, puhleeese.

tienda muebles madrid said...

It can't work as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I consider.