Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Ad That Ticked Off Ir Amim

Ir Amim is a spin-off from Peace Now and dedicated to removing Israel's political administration from the areas that were illegally in Jordanian hands up until 1967 aka "East Jerusalem", and especially Ir David.

An advert in Haaretz last Friday really ticked them off.

This Hebrew-language story (no English yet), Yoav Guttreich placed the ad on behalf of a group called "Free Choice" - "Freedom to Elect, Freedom to be Elected" is their slogan.  The story explains that the ad works against Ir Amim, portraying it as extremist in its efforts against Elad and against attempts to "judaize" the city over the Green Line by "settlers". Its signed by Arab MKs and others against the privitization of the national park in Shiloah.  It's a fake portrayal they claim.

I guess Ir Amin feels so uncomfortable with this.

The ad:


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