Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only in Israel (and the PA)


Hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis and Italians will run the 10 kilometers from the Church of The Nativity in Bethlehem to the Notre Dame complex in Jerusalem under the banner of the 8th John Paulus II Peace Marathon tomorrow Monday, October 24th, 2011. The unique marathon, an initiative led by the official Vatican pilgrimage organization Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, offers a fascinating encounter between pilgrims from Italy and other European countries, runners from Bethlehem and Israeli runners...

...150 runners from Italy have confirmed their participation, running alongside 150 Palestinians and Israelis. Participants will be accompanied by Italian football stars - Albertini Demetrio, Di Biagio Luigi, Tommasi Damiano, Peruzzi Angelo and Bonavina Diego. Other participants include Giusy Versace, an international sprinter who lost her leg in a car accident and runs with prosthetics, as well as Martina Colombari,  an Italian actress and former Miss Italy.

Ms. Colombari as seen from behind, a few years ago:

and in a sport outfit last month:


07:45 Suggested arrival time at Church of the NativityPlaza for journalists covering thestart in Bethlehem(contact: Bashir 054 4834191)
08:30 The Palestinian, Italian and Israeli runners run from Bethlehem to the Rachel Crossing
09:00 Runners arrive at Rachel's Crossing; torch ceremony (contact Lydia 0523584395)
09:15 Football match (interviews possible at Rachel’s Crossing with participants)
10:00 Continue with the Peace Marathon to the Notre Dame Church
11:00 Closing ceremony at the Notre Dame complex (possibility for interviews with participants)

The Jerusalem Municipality and Police Department, the Civil Authority and the Italian Olympic Committee have joined forces to ensure the marathon is a success, accompanying the runners along the entire track.



The video.

I don't think I saw Martina Colombari but at 3:12 you can see Giusy Versace who, in 2005, lost both of her legs in a serious car accident and ran yesterday on her special prosthetic legs.


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