Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Phillip Weiss Is So, But So Upset

Why is Phillip (Mondo) Weiss, supreme anti-Zionist and pro-BDSer, upset?


I spent several days in Palestine [which is where?] earlier this month, and even when I was deep in Palestinian territory, on lands that are supposed to become a Palestinian state, I saw Jewish symbols. [OMG!]

Like this menorah, just outside the Palestinian city of Nablus, seen out the bus window of a bus filled with Palestinians going to Ramallah. How would that make you feel?

...If you want to understand why the two-state solution actually feels impossible...If you want to understand why Palestinians feel no sense of sovereignty inside their historic lands [their? their historic? wel, how do you think the Jews feel?]...then all you have to do is drive around a little and see how deep is the Jewish presence in the occupied territories [you mean occupied by Arabs?].

I'm not talking about the settlements. They're on all the hilltops. I'm talking about Jewish/Israeli symbols and declarations on the road...

So, the conclusion?

Phillip Weiss supports ethnic cleansing and apartheid of Jews in the future state of "Palestine", a state that would occupy the Jewish national homeland.

Oh my.

Don't you feel sorry for him?



Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Any chance that Menorah is actually on a stone in an archaeological site???? Does Mr. Weiss (Weiss? - is he Jewish?) want us to cleanse all the Jewish symbols from archaeological sites which are thousands of years old? What about place names which were originally Hebrew and which the Arab names maintain? Aren't there Arab women named Sarah? Do they know that's a Hebrew name? Would Mr. Weiss be moved at all with this knowledge to change his tune? Okay - probably not, since if he is Jewish, he most likely hates himself, too.

Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Oh - forgot to ask - wonder what sort of historical "Palestinian" symbols he expected to see, since, well, there aren't any historical "Palestinian" symbols???

Anonymous said...

"well, there aren't any historical "Palestinian" symbols???"

Says Ms. Pomeranz. Is that a Hebrew name by any chance? Where is Pommern, habibi?

Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Hey "Anonymous" -

1) it was Gentiles who forced us Jews to acquire family names, but that was well after Gentiles had forced us from our homeland and forced us to live in their lands. Thank G-d, we are now, finally and forever able to live in our ancestral homeland. Since there was NEVER any "Palestinian" nation nor independent country, there cold never be any "historical Palestinian symbols" - not here, not anywhere.

2) at least instead of hiding from reality, I'm willing to say and stand up for who I am - who are YOU, exactly?

NormanF said...

I've little regard for the stupidity of Israel's leaders but when anti-Semites get upset, its music to my ears!

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