Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Have A New Definition of "Hadassah Lady"

Following-up on this previous post, I would like you to know that in the 1970s and 1980s, we in Betar were not happy with what we referred to as "Hadassah ladies" (although my late mother was one).

Claiming to be non-political, but siding always with the Zionist Left at Zionist conferences, conventions and congresses, they dabbled in fundraising projects but supported a youth movement.

A "Hadassah lady" was one who used her feminity in a devious way while Rose Halprin (of the outlandish hats. even Begin used her for the butt of a joke he made in Brussels once), Charlotte Jacobson, Faye Schenk, Rose Matzkin, Bernice Tannenbaum, Ruth Popkin and others wielded immense political power with the establishment and in Israel. And they used it ruthlessly (sorry about that pun).

Well, we now have a new definition:

Book Really Does Tell All About Madoff's Mini-Madoff

Warning: This is for grownups.

Bloomberg News has an excerpt of Sheryl Weinstein's book — Madoff's Other Secret — about her alleged affair with Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff. Weinstein writes, "Bernie had a very small penis. Not only was it on the short side, it was small in circumference. That he was now pointing it out to me was telling. It clearly caused him great angst. I wanted to be careful how I responded. Men and their penises have a strange and unique relationship...[However] I liked this man and didn’t want to emasculate him. His tiny penis hadn’t prevented me from climaxing...On the bright side, oral sex would be a breeze."

Way to look on the bright side! Weinstein met Madoff while handling finances for the Hadassah organization (she invested millions of the group's money with Madoff). Madoff's lawyer said Weinstein's claims were just "allegations she has made. I certainly hope she was more discreet about her obligations to Hadassah than she was about her sex life [which is] far less interesting." Zing! [Via Daily Intel]

She really must have lost a lot of her own personal money to sell herself so cheap.


Anonymous said...

Hadassah "dabbled in fundraising and also supported a youth movement"??!! For close to 100 years the women of Hadassah have funded nurses, hospitals, and continue to provide medical care and infrastructure in Israel as well as train medical personnel for other countries. The organization rescued hundreds of Jewish children from Hitler's Europe and continues to support and educate thousands more until this day. That's not "dabbeling" but a strong committment to human health and development.

YMedad said...

You're right. I shouldn't have belittled Hadassha's achievements. I did mention my Mom was a member.

Of course, maybe it was Sheryl who was dabbling.