Friday, August 21, 2009

The Rahm Emanulemel F*cking Jew Vid

From Latma:


(Kippah tip: Ella)

Oh, and the original song from Mike Burstyn's 1966 movie "Two Kuni Lemel":


Note: Since I do not get paid, nor do I have ads, please except my apologies for not being able to put up a translation immediately. I went down the hill to shop, was kidnapped to a ceremony of inaugurating a vineyard on two dunams of land (see this other post) and only now have returned and will give you
almost a word-for-word translation.

Rahm Emanuel's character is asked about he being behind President Obama's rather harsh pressure on the issue of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and the right of Jews to reside therein, even halting construction in Ariel, a city of some 18,000 Jews.

Asked about his origin, if he is an 'international citizen Israel', he insists he is "of Middle Eastern ancestry from what is thought as Israel but I'm an American".
"A Jewish American?"
"No, I am a secular person from roots of the Mosaic religion from distant relatives. I have no connection to Jews and don't malign me." "
So, why do you promote anti-Israel initiatives?"
"I'll explain, simply."

And then the dream sequence appears with a take-off on a song which is from "Two Kuni Lemel", an Israeli film about two brothers, twins, one from America, secular and smart and the second, an Israeli Yeshiva bochur, borderline idiot, who get switched in a matchmaking arrangement attempt.

A few lines:

"I had a complex already in my childhood because at school they called me a Jew. And therefore I'll prove that more than anyone, Rahm Emanuel will screw Israel. They say that I am not an antisemite but that alarms me for if I am not an antisemite, who am I at all?"

And the chorus repeats that refrain but adds: "And they all say that he's just a f*cking' Jew and that bothers him, for if not, then who is he at all?"

"And who is Obama's aide? Who is the best? - Rahm Emanulemel!"

"Now that I have power, the games are over. Everyone will fear and tremble before me. Obama has a kapo-on-the-house - and so to the "settlers" we'll say: 'Juden raus'.

Chorus section repeated.

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