Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yossi Klein Halevi of the Adelson Insitutue writes of the Swedish blood-libel affair that:

Most of all, Israel needs to use this affair to challenge the general climate of demonization in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, and expose the conceptual links between classical anti-semitism and anti-Zionism.

As much as possible, this needs to be done in coordination with local Jewish communities. When Lena Posner, president of the Official council of Jewish Communities in Sweden, described Israel's response to the Aftonbladet affair as disproprotionate, and even appeared to defend the Swedish government's silence, the Israeli effort was substantially undermined.

Gee, now where did I hear of that phrase - "Israel's response as disproprotionate" - before?

Oh, Operation "Cast Lead".

Well, at least we know that anti-Israel propaganda and opinion is influencing somebody.

Unfortunately, it is the Jewish Diaspora leadership.

Yossi also wrote:

...the Aftonbladet needs to be challenged, in court if possible

And guess what?

An Israeli activist has filed a $7.5 million lawsuit in a New York court against the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, which charged that the IDF sold organs of Arab terrorists.

Attorney Guy Ophir, who previously has filed suits in Israel against violators of non-smoking laws, said that the tabloid’s allegations were anti-Semitic and in effect were a “racist blood libel” against Jews and Israeli soldiers.

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yoni said...

"Oh, Operation "Cast Lead"."

and the second lebanon war. and the first. and the yom kippur war. etc. etc.